March 7, 2012 - Internet Censorship in the U.S. and China more
 An opportunity to learn more about the internet censorship in U.S and China and how it affects both countries in the economic and political aspects.


May 19, 2011 - Education in China: An Insider's Perspective more
 An opportunity for students to learn about educational experience in China and its differences from the U.S.

  Mar 8, 2011 - Tiger Mom: When Is Love Too Tough? more
Presentation by Professor Wendi Gardner followed by open discusstion

Nov 22, 2010 - more
Currency War: The Modern Battle between China and the U.S.

A panel discussion with Northwestern Economics department PhD candidates and Medill school of Journalism Master candidate

  May 22, 2010 - NU vs U of Chicago Chinese Debate more
Students from both schools sit down together and debate whether US college education methods are suitable in China.
  More Events in the Past

March 7, 2012 - Internet Censorship


May 19, 2011 - Education

  Mar 8, 2011- Tiger Mom  


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China Foresee is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to promote the awareness of Sino-American relations to students and scholars in the Chicago area and to provide platforms for discussion that they have a better view on the relationship and the future between the two major powers.